Story of wedding dress WD09237f LZ3908

This is a massage from Ms. Xiong, who ordered a wedding dress WD09237(LZ3908) from Coral’s Bridal.  The real testimonials from our customers is the best gift for Coral’s Bridal team.

As many customers know, we always take the photos of the finished wedding dresses(which in normal size) once it ready for shipping and list them in the collection of real dresses. When Ms. Xiong find this listing , actually her dress is on the way. Wow, customers could find the track number on the homepage of our site.

Ms. Xiong can’t wait to get the dress once she has see the photos listed on our site.

Luckly! She got her dress next day! It’s delivered! All members in Coral’s Bridal team are so happy that she satisfied with the dress. All hard work are worthful.

You must be insterested in the beaded work on the waist band of this dress too. Here’re the photos of details:

It’s hand beaded work. Glittering dimond and shinny silver beads express the gracefull look.

This dress is much beautiful than it shown in the photos.  We need to improved the photogra photographing
silks, hahahah…..

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