Idea of Wedding Color

Your wedding color choice is one of the first major decisions you need to make for your wedding. Keep in mind that your wedding color scheme is going to show up everywhere throughout your wedding.  The flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table linens, decorations, invitations, even the favors will all be influenced by the wedding color scheme you choose. Your wedding color scheme will help establish the mood for your wedding. You can even build a entire wedding theme around the wedding color scheme.

With so much riding on this decision, its really  important to put careful thought into your wedding color scheme very early in the wedding planning process, and select a color scheme for your wedding that really relects who you are, or what mood you are trying to convey.

This guide will help you find the perfect color scheme for your wedding.

Your wedding color scheme should be in keeping with your overall personal style. If you’re like most people, though, trying to define your personal style may not be straight forward. Unless you work in fashion or design, chances are that when you shop for clothes or decorate your home you simply buy what appeals to you, without giving much thought to the overall aesthetic that guides your choices. Subconsciously, however, most of us do have fairly consistent style, and once you learn what that is, picking the perfect wedding color scheme for your wedding will be much easier.

Take a look at these four types of style, and see which one sounds the most like you:

Classic: Women with classic style tend to like things which are timeless, as opposed to trendy or very vintage. You would define your style as classic if you tend to gravitate towards clothing with clean lines – the types of pieces which are available year after year. So if your closet is filled with polo shirts, twin sets, and A-line skirts, you can safely call yourself a classic bride. You are the bride for whom pearl bridal jewelry sets were created. The best wedding color scheme for you will be the most traditional – pale, subdued or muted colors like white, pale pink and ivory, or blue and white. Preppy girls would also fall into this category, and their perfect wedding color scheme would be pink or mint green (with plenty of patterns like stripes, polka dots, or plaids) or blue, white, and yellow (with a nautical flair).

Dramatic: You carry only one shade of lipstick in your purse: pure red. You like strong perfumes with warm and spicy notes. You own at least one article of clothing with an animal print (and possibly a whole zoo!). If this sounds like you, consider your wedding style to be dramatic. Rich dark colors like purple and  burgundy are ideal for a dramatic bride. Your wedding color scheme needs to make a splash and have a high “wow” factor. The high contrast pairing of deep red and pure white (think red roses and a white bridal gown) will be right up your alley. Another excellent wedding color scheme for a dramatically inclined bride is deep purple combined with regal gold.

Eclectic: This can cover a range of styles. There are brides who love all things vintage, those with earthy or natural tendencies, and women who appreciate a good dash of whimsy. If you find yourself spending more time in vintage shops than the mall, you will like dusty color palettes like cameo and ivory or mauve and dove gray. If you are planning an eco-wedding or consider yourself most at home in the great outdoors, opt for a wedding color scheme inspired by nature. green and chocolate, slate blue with taupe, or sage green and ivory will all appeal to your inner naturalist. The whimsical bride is one who gravitates towards things like letterpress invitations with a retro bird motif or shops like Anthropologie. If chunky handknits are more your style than buttoned-up pearl bridal jewelry sets, then you will like wedding color palettes such as red and pink, apricot and robin’s egg blue, or mustard and aqua.

Festive: How do you know if your wedding style is festive? You probably find yourself saying, “I just want everyone to have a great time” when anyone asks you what type of wedding you want. The chances are that you like relaxing with friends or going out to clubs more than almost anything. The best wedding color scheme for a festive wedding is one which is bright and cheerful, never stuffy or pretentious. Color scheme like fuchsia and orange, hot pink and chartreuse, or sunshine yellow with orange will create the upbeat party atmosphere that you want for your wedding. Eat, drink, and be merry.

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