How to select the Wedding Date?

Selecting the wedding date is one of the important decisions that couples have to make early in the wedding planning process. A couple can’t book vendors or choose a wedding venue if they have not picked out a wedding date. Most vendors will not be able to confirm that they can be available if they do not know the specific date. Consider the following when choosing a wedding date.

Wedding Day Priorities

The couple should have already had a discussion about their top three priorities for the day. This is the time to revisit that list. What is the top priority? Is it getting married in the church that the bride grew up attending? Is it the reception location with the amazing view of the mountains?

The top priority will be the first thing to influence the wedding date. If the top priority is the wedding venue, the couple should contact the venue and ask for available weekends within a month or two. Remember, that if the couple wants to get married during June, the most popular month for weddings, they will be competing with many other couples for their vendors.

If the couple is able to get a few days to choose from, they should apply the same strategy with their second priority. If the officiant is the next priority, contact him to see what date he is available out the days that were given by the first priority.

Holiday Weddings

Couples considering having their wedding on a holiday should reflect on the factors that may conflict with their wedding. Some guests may feel upset that they have to forgo their holiday plans to attend the couple’s wedding, and some guests may not attend due to scheduling conflicts.

Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday for weddings. A couple wanting to plan a Valentine’s Day wedding should really think about this decision. Are they ready to pay more for almost everything, because prices soar on Valentine’s Day? Vendors usually charge more to work on this holiday and many florists charge double or triple their prices around this time. If the couple is ready for this challenge and is willing to pay more, then go ahead.

When settling on a date, the couple should do a quick online search to make sure that the wedding day does not conflict with any major local events or other cultural holidays. Some towns and cities get completely taken over when there are parades, marathons, or sporting events which could make it extremely difficult for guests to book hotel rooms and find parking at the venue.

Day of the Week

The most popular day of the week to get married is Saturday. However, couples can usually reduce costs if they decide to get married on any other day of the week. A Sunday brunch will almost always cost less than a Saturday night bash. Guests will drink and eat less and many vendors will give the couple a price reduction. If a couple has their heart set on a venue and it’s already booked, they could ask about other days of the week.

When a couple is picking their wedding date they should consider their top priorities, holiday weekends, major local events, and the day of the week.

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