Choosing a Wedding Dress

What research should I do before shopping for my wedding gown?

It’s very helpful if you put some time into doing some research before you start shopping for your gown. Many pictures can be found in magazines of your favorite film star, online profession wedding dress websit like www.coralsbridal or just normal people in everyday life. This will help you focus in on what you want to look like on your wedding day.

If I pick a wedding gown from a magazine will it look the same on me?

It is most unlikely that a wedding gown that you pick from a magazine will look exactly same on you, because the models in the magazines are normally approximately six feet tall. They are very slim, the photographs are retouched, every little wrinkle in the gown is ironed out. So choose the right styles for your body shape. Just feel free to send the picture of the wedding dress you like to Coral’s Bridal. We can give you some professional advise. And remember, have the dress ironed after you received it, which will looked much better on you.

Should I consult with my wedding site coordinator before I choose my gown?

It is very helpful to consult with your wedding site coordinator before you choose your gown because there may be certain restrictions to choosing your gown. Sometimes there are restrictions on style. A more modest gown may be more suitable for, for instance, a Catholic church wedding than a patio wedding. Also, it is helpful to know what ground you are actually walking on, especially if you’re in an outdoor wedding situation. Are you on cobblestones? Will your gown likely be caught on the ground underfoot? There are many different factors in deciding your wedding gown, and a consultation with your site coordinator is very helpful.

Should I consider my physical activity during my ceremony when choosing a wedding gown?

It’s very important to feel comfortable in your wedding gown, and what sort of physical limitations should be taken into consideration when choosing a wedding gown. For instance, a mermaid gown gives you much more restrictive movement than a A-line gown. Likewise, if you are planning to do a very elaborate first dance with your partner, for instance, a swing dance or a fast fox trot, you need to think about that before you choose your gown; because your choice of gown may not be suitable for that sort of movement.

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