Bridal Undergarments

Will I need a special bra for my wedding gown?

It is imperative that you wear the correct undergarments for your wedding gown. Most wedding dress made by Coral’s Bridal are well constructed and have full boning in them, so you are wearing a corset in the gown itself. However, it is always a good idea to try on other bras with your gown to ensure the best possible fit.

Are there some undergarments I will not be able to wear with my wedding gown?

Yes, there are undergarments that may not work with your gown. It is very important that if you are spending a lot of money on your wedding gown you buy the correct undergarments to make your gown look the best.

Will a bra with patterns or lace affect the look of my wedding gown?

It is not a good idea to wear a bra that has lacy patterns on it. If you’re wearing a simple sheath dress for instance or something that’s made in a very soft, clingy fabric like chiffon or silk chemise, you may see the pattern of the bra through the gown.

Are undergarments ever sewn into a wedding gown?

Occasionally undergarments are sewn into wedding gowns. But morst of dresses made by Coral’s bridal has a pair of built in pad on the bust.

Should I wear a slip even if one is already sewn into my wedding gown?

The reason for wearing a slip if one is already sewn into your wedding gown is if you want to add more volume to the skirt. For instance, if you have a gown that has a beautiful embroidered pattern at the hem, you may wish to show that off more by smoothing out that hem of the gown with a fuller petticoat.

Do most brides wear hosiery with their wedding gowns?

Most brides choose to wear hosiery with their wedding gown if they’re wearing a closed toe shoe, or they want a very finished, formal look. If they’re getting married on a beach, for instance, they may choose not to wear hosiery.

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