Money Saving Tips!

Looking for affordable (aka: cheap!) bridesmaid dresses? Try shopping for them during the holiday season – but not in expensive bridal salons. Department stores such Sears, for example, generally carry an excellent selection of glamourous cocktail and evening dresses as the season for parties approaches – but at cheaper prices than what you’d pay for similar “bridesmaid dresses” in a bridal boutique. With just a quick look though a local department store before firing off this tip. So when the season is upon us, it’s time to grab your girls and hit the mall! If rock bottom prices are what you have in mind for super-cheap bridesmaid dresses, here’s an even better suggestion: Scour the stores towards the end of the holiday season when prices are being heavily marked down and cash in on the clearance sales for even greater savings!

If the prices on wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses are giving you a bad case of sticker shock, consider having the dresses custom made online. An experienced wedding dress manufacturer can often create a design from a magazine picture at a savings of about 60% of what you would pay for an almost identical brand label dress in a bridal boutique. When chooseing the online wedding dress shop, look for someone well established or well known with a good reputation and sk to see pictures of work they have done in the past. At the very minimum, find someone who can provide you with at least 4 references of previous bridal clients and CHECK those references Be sure that your wedding dress manufacturer has experience specifically in bridal wear because there are many specialized techniques involved in designing and sewing bridal apparel that someone who rarely works with bridal may not be skilled with.

Purchase a very plain, inexpensive wedding gown instead of something more elaborate and costly. Then add your own embellishments to the dress for a customized, one of a kind “couture” look using wedding sewing notions such as ribbon roses or organza flowers and opalescent sequins to create the kind of enhancement found on gorgeous designer gowns. Enjoy the fun of DIY. You’ll save a small fortune and feel like a star in a lavish, original gown on your wedding day! No one will imagine how inexpensive it really was!

Making your own invitations? Save money by using reply postcards instead of the usual reply cards with envelopes. Postage rates for postcards are about 13 cents less than the rate for stamping envelopes (remember – you must pre-stamp the reply cards for your guests!) Plus, by using postcards you also save the expense of envelopes. Simply print the response information on one side of the card, and your address on the other side.

Want a discount when buying supplies for your wedding? ASK for one! What so many brides don’t realize is that almost everything really IS negotiable, but you do have to ask for what you want. So for example, if buying craft supplies, candles, candle holders, rose bowls or what-have-you in large quantities, ask the store manager if you can get a quantity discount. This won’t often work in wedding specialty shops where almost all of their customers are purchasing in bulk, but it does work in craft stores, decor stores, and other such stores where you may be picking up items for decorating at your wedding. Major department stores are less likely to be open to discount negotiations.

Ask your caterer about the availability of children’s plates. You may not be aware that you can usually save about 50% by ordering these special meals for the little people on your guest list who are 12 years and under. The child’s plate is usually a smaller portion that the adult meals and, in fact, often consists of something which will have more appeal to the little guys as well, such as cheese burgers or chicken fingers and fries instead of the more fussy food you and your adult guests will likely be dining on. Many caterers will not mention the option of children’s plates unless they are specifically asked because they make a larger profit by selling adult plates. So, if you have a number of kids on your guest list, take this tip to cash in on the savings.

Holding your wedding on a day other than a Saturday can often save you money. Many halls, caterers, and other wedding service providers will often give you a discount if you hold your wedding on an “off-day”, such as a Friday or Sunday. Ask them about discounts for “off-day” weddings. If they don’t currently have such a policy, try to negotiate one with them.

Having your wedding during the less popular months of October through April – the so called “off season” – can often save you money. Many halls, caterers, and other wedding service providers will often give you a discount if you hold your wedding during their slow season when they have far fewer bookings. Ask them about discounts for “off season” weddings. If they don’t currently have such a policy, try to negotiate one with them.


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