Best Wedding Dates for 2011

No matter if your wedding is in Waikiki or Woy Woy, pick a date close to one for your sign (or your partner’s sign), listed below, and the heavenly bodies in your horoscope will ensure that you have a divine time.


  • September 28 – You’ll not only be the stars of your own day, you’ll also have beautifully written vows.
  • September 29 – This is the most serious commitment of your life – you’ll build it brick by brick.
  • October 7 – Venus, the planet of duets and double-acts, ensures two is the magic number for you now.
  • October 12 – Seriously sensible vows go hand-in-hand with a true fantasy honeymoon overseas.
  • October 21 – Your friends will be a big feature of the day and the photographs will be beautifully lit.


  • January 4 – A true partnership will be forged now and the most unusual, eccentric friends help the party.
  • October  13 – Good feedback and good vibes make this a day to remember for everybody now.
  • October  16 – Planets in your marriage zone make this a very practical but heartfelt commitment.
  • October 26 – New Moon vibes help you sink your teeth into teach other, in the nicest possible way.
  • November  3 – The Sun in passionate Scorpio guarantees this is one flame that will linger…and linger.


  • November 3 – Your most alternative and unusual friends will celebrate this lucky love day with you.
  • November 23 – This wedding could easily end up in the social pages; if not it deserves to!
  • November 24 – A dreamy honeymoon destination by water (or on water!) is a real possibility.
  • November 25 – The New Moon in your marriage zone tells you it’s time for your love relaunch.
  • December 19 – You’ll both take the subject of kids oh-so-seriously which deepens the bond.


  • January 4 – A New Moon in your marriage zone helps you begin a brand new chapter in your lives.
  • January 19 – A super optimistic day with a property move or exotic honeymoon in the pipeline.
  • February 9 – You two will change each other quite a lot and may end up being a power couple.
  • March 1 – You are fascinated by the same big ideas, beliefs or distant places  – the journey begins.
  • July 7 – Expect a big turnout of friends, generous gifts from them and some overseas buddies too.


  • February 2 – New Moons mean new beginnings,  so look at the  night sky and make a couple’s wish.
  • March 10 – You’ll move home or travel widely together if you tie the knot on or close to this date.
  • March 26 – Your wedding, reception or honeymoon will be near water  or involve pools and spas.
  • May 11 – Young wedding guests, pregnancy or adoption dreams or step-kids make this very special.
  • December 21 – The most unusual honeymoon destination ever (or a move) is in your destiny now.


  • January 4 – It’s big, it’s exciting, it’s new and it promises overseas travel as well as lots of freedom.
  • January 19 – Young pages and bridesmaids, baby talk, godchildren or stepchildren make this  day shine.
  • February 25 – You’ll both take ages to get those vows word perfect but this is a true commitment.
  • March 1 – You two can invent your marriage as you go along. You’ll love your own self-made rules.
  • June 8 – A major overseas trip or ambitious house move will be in store for you two in the future.


  • March 10 – A commitment near this date will lift you two up where you belong and change your life.
  • April 6 – Magical cosmic vibes which can only happen every 12 years surround you near this date.
  • May 11 – You two will really mean what you say, when you make those all-important vows
  • July 27 – You are making up your own rules for life and love and this unique wedding reflects that.
  • July 31 – Who cares about the rules? There is a unique, unusual, exciting quality about this match.


  • January 4 – This is a child-friendly day and a good omen for babies, adoption or stepchildren.
  • May 21 – That extra passion and depth (and intensity!) you crave will be on tap near this date.
  • June 8 – Expect the biggest and the best from this marriage, which will let you both fly higher.
  • July 7 – One of you has experience overseas, or at college, which lets the other learn and grow.
  • October 28 – Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is giving you a big wedding boost today.


  • March 10 – Baby talk, godchildren, young relatives or stepkids make this a day to remember.
  • April 6 – A lovely link between you two and the next generation (or the one after!) is being forged.
  • June 1 – New Moons mean green lights, fresh starts and big new beginnings so dive straight in.
  • June 12 – Excellent communication between you makes this a great day for a win-win promise.
  • June 17 – There is nothing lightweight about this match – you’re taking it very seriously indeed.


  • July 1 – Passionate New Moon energy in the home-making sign of Cancer builds closeness.
  • July 4 – Independence Day for America and togetherness day for you – with amazing intimacy.
  • July 7 – The next generation will be a major part of your life together – you’ll leave your legacy.
  • July 8 – Trusting, intimate Venus and think-big planet Jupiter join forces on your behalf now.
  • November 27 – This wedding will bring opportunities to draw children into your new life together.


  • June 1 – This union will bring young relatives, friends’ kids or your own future children into focus.
  • July 27 – Star quality photos and videos make one or both of you feel like Hollywood royalty
  • July 30 – New Moon vibes let you feel as if you’ve just met – this is rebirth time for love.
  • July 31 – Lovely togetherness blends beautifully with a yen to explore Europe, Asia or the USA.
  • August 16 – Even if this is a winter wedding, you two will shine and be star attractions on the day.


  • August 25 – The intimacy planet Venus is on your side and a powerful change will transform both of you.
  • August 28 – Allow the New Moon to show you a new life together as all the lights are officially green.
  • August 30 – A new car or an ambitious holiday is on the cards for you two – expect lots of calls too.
  • September 2 – Jupiter the planet of luck, abundance and opportunity is on your side on this day,
  • September 14 – This is a very thoughtful, intelligent commitment with lucky Jupiter on your side too.

— Jessica Adams

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