DIY the wedding dress

Ms. Marinela contacted us for inquiring about a custom made dress. She want do some modifications on wedding dress AN431 We’ve ceated.


Here’re som main point on the alterations we’ve discussed:

 “I would like to use your dress AN431 and modify a few things. Please let me know if this can be done and what is the final price considering all the changes below:

-material to be used is either white satin, chiffon or organza. Satin is probably my favorite but I’m opened to your suggestions. I definitely do not want taffeta , it is very noisy and not a nice feeling fabric. 
Sure, I’d like recommend thick bridal satin for your dress. A photo of this fabric in attached. Hope you like it. And we have a same dress(pleated bodice dress made of satin) you refered. Here’s the link of it
-FRONT: I  like the pleated look ,you may click on this link to see what Im talking about:,  disregard the beaded appliqué,  I will add my own details.
– No promble, just leave the applique off and add some pleats.Please check the attachments for more details.
-Back-I love the back from product AN431, with 1 change if possible, in order to see what I mean please check out this screenshot:  . I want the sheer part to go down further if possible.
– Yes, doable!
-I would like to the beading myself , the sheer part of the back dress  and sleeves can be left plain so I can add my own beading. You dont need to do any of the beading/apliques for this dress.
– OK, just want to confirm: leave the lace appliues off at back of hip too. Keep the whole dress without any lace purfles and beading work.
– I want to keep the sheer sleeves, again no beading or appliques on the sleeves as well. I want to keep the little buttons on the back.
– Doable. Since you want to have the sheer part at back lower, I’d like suggest to have 4 bottons on sheer part.
– built in petticoat to give a little fullness as shown in the pictures for your product AN431
– No promble”

 Ater several emails, we confirm all the details with Ms. Marinela. Finally, here’s the finished work!



We are so happy that Ms. Marinela love this dresses! Coral’s Bridal Team are so pround of her nice words!

  • From: 2010-12-01    marinela ceteras
    I ordered this dress plain so i can do my own beading, The dress is amazing, The quality , the fact that everything is exactly what I asked for. Great job CoralsBridal. Im impressed with the turnaround (got the dress in only 4 weeks) and customer service .
    Marinela, NJ USA
  • If you want to DIY your wedding gown, just do it. Enjoy the fun!

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