2011 Wedding Trends

Every bride wants a perfect fairy tale wedding ( well I specifically say ‘bride’ as it is her day, Sorry grooms!). Everything has to be just perfect right from the location to the finest detail on the cutlery. Well, it’s easier said than done to have just everything planned well. You could also go ahead and do something different for your wedding as well. Here I have a few 2011 wedding trends that might just make your wedding the talk of the town. Read on if the wedding bells are going to be ringing soon.

Personalized Wedding
Well, you might say that of course a wedding is a personal affair, but I would like to ask you how much of a personal touch does it have? A personalized wedding would mean a theme that would focus on the bride and the groom. The wedding theme could be based on the likes of the bride and the groom, probably a backdrop or setting of the couples favorite holiday destination. Let the uniformity go away, the bridesmaids can have different dresses rather than the same dress for everyone. To avoid chaos, the color of the dresses of the bridesmaids could be the same, the styles may differ.

Vintage Wedding
Go back to the golden days where weddings were small affairs. The wedding trends, 2011 has the retro trend soon catching up. Here are a few ideas for a vintage wedding. Your wedding dress could be a blast from the past, not literally, but a vintage design dress, would work wonders. A perfect vintage wedding could be set in natural surroundings, more like an outdoor wedding. You could also have those photo booths with draped backdrops. A golden or rather rustic location would be lovely to give your wedding that ancient English look.

The Modern Touch
Apart from all the themes and settings, you could also think of sharing the memories of the love you shared with your better half, through small video clips and slide show of the photos that could go on in the background during the reception.

2011 Wedding Color Trends
Well the traditional black and white are a thing of the past. If its not a vintage wedding you could go for vibrant snazzy colors. You can get wedding color scheme ideas to make your wedding a colorful affair. The colors which are gaining popularity are,

2011 Wedding Dress Trends
This is my favorite part of the wedding plan, the wedding dress. So this season has variety of styles the blushing bride can choose from. Classic ball gowns are quite popular with brides this season. With intricate netting and a lot of volume, the bride will certainly look like the one from the fairy tales. If you have the perfect hour glass figure then you could go for corset bodices, which tops the list of dresses in the 2011 wedding trends. These wedding dresses have built in corsets with lovely embroidery and detailing. Other choices available are sequins, dotted dresses and beaded dresses. Also find more information on wedding outfits for men on Buzzle.

2011 Wedding Cake Trends
The wedding cake is of course one of the highlights at the wedding. The different trends in wedding cakes in 2011 are the the classic wedding cakes, with lovely floral designs bows and ribbons. If you want you can go berserk with the designs, with the range of cakes available the choices are exhaustive. There are some amazing vintage designs available in wedding cakes. I suggest that more than the design you can experiment with the flavor of the cake. You could go for flavors like chocolate hazelnut, orange, vanilla bean, caramel butter-cream rather than the traditional fruit and carrot.

The theme of the wedding can start right from the wedding invitations. Personalized wedding invitations will add that personal touch which will make your guests feel special. A wedding is something that will be one of those foundations of the fond memories you will share with your spouse for the rest of your life. The 2011 wedding trends mentioned here are just a small effort to make those memories a little extra special.

By Ashlesha Bhondwe

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