Fabrics of Wedding Gown

There’re various fabric use on Wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. Such as heavy bridal satin, Soft sain, man-made silk, chiffon, taffeta, lace, organza, tulle, american net, etc.

Chiffon is a delicately sheer fabric with a simple weave. It is lightweight with a soft drapable finish. It’s widely used in beach wedding dresses, summber wedding bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses and dress of mother’s  gown.

 Eyelet Lace is identified with its small, unsymmetrical holes or perforations finished with a buttonhole stitch, often creating a floral pattern. It has also been described as an open weave embroidery. Usually used on romantic full lace wedding gowns.

Organza is a transparent, simply woven fabric with a reflective, crystal-like appearance. It has 2 kind of of them, one is thine and shine, the other kind of them is more heavy and matte.  We always choose the different kind of orgranza for the wedding gown, which depends on the style of it.

 Heavy bridal Satin is an opaque fabric, woven in a satin weave and features a smooth finish. It’s construct with polyerster and cotton, heavy but smoothly. It’s offen used on formal wedding dresses.

Taffeta is a popular wedding fabric, which may be used as either the lining or outer fabric of a gown.  It will have either a matte or shiny finish and will be fairly stiff when used for the outer layer.

Tulle is tiny, meshed net of a silk, cotton or synthetic fabric, usually found in layers, covering a full satin skirt.

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