Choices for Beach Wedding Dresses

There are lots of options available for beach wedding dresses. What you decide to wear really depends on where your ceremony takes place.

You’ll probably wear something completely different for a wedding on the beach than a ceremony in the hotel’s chapel.

Whatever the case, you’ll need to think about where you’ll be tying the knot and what would be best (and appropriate) to wear.

The great thing about beach wedding dresses and apparel is they tend to be cheaper than regular wedding dresses as you can go for something different or a lightweight dress (therefore less material). This also means that there are plenty of options available to you.

Read on for some tips on beach wedding dresses:

On the beach

If your ceremony is taking place on the beach itself, then the world is your oyster. You can go for a really relaxed, casual look or a more full on wedding dress.

My recommendation would be something simple and lightweight. Whether just a bikini top with a sarong, loose fitting clothes, trousers and top or a floaty, slinky dress – consider how hot it’s going to be and dress for that.

I think the best colour for the beach is white by far. It’s striking, will make your tan look great and is best for keeping cool as it reflects the light. Short lenght wedding dress is the nice idea for beach wedding.

For your shoes, remember you’ll be walking on sand. Heels are a no-no. Think flats, pumps, sandals, flip flops or bare foot – anything that will be easy to walk in.

Only choose bare foot if you know you’ll be in the shade – sand gets very hot and you don’t want to be hopping down the aisle!

For a true beach wedding, I’d avoid the full-on gown and long veil. They’ll only drag along the sand and all that material will be very hot! If you still fancy wearing a veil, go for something shorter or less tulle.

Overlooking the beachFor ceremonies that are close to the beach or have a sea or beach view, you can choose to go casual or for something a bit more formal with regard to beach wedding dresses. A floaty dress, or more relaxed approach to your clothes will go down just as well as a full length wedding dress. Since the weather will be warm, you could opt for a backless dress, thinner materials or a shorter dress – anything to help you stay cool.A word of warning – if you want to wear a bikini, check with your ceremony venue as they may think it’s inappropriate. If your reception is on the beach after your ceremony, then you could consider dressing more casually for this.Also beware of high heels! If your ceremony is on grass, you may sink into the ground – not very attractive when walking down the aisle. If you want to wear high heels, check with your venue that you will have a hard walkway (wood decking or paving stones) to walk down.

In the chapelWith a religious ceremony, generally the same etiquette for clothes applies no matter where you are – go for something a little more modest. It’s probably best to check with your celebrant what is appropriate and what isn’t. Different countries will have different rules.Often, more casual beach wedding dresses aren’t really appropriate in the chapel, so go for something a little more traditional.

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