Bridal Undergarments

Will I need a special bra for my wedding gown?

It is imperative that you wear the correct undergarments for your wedding gown. Most wedding dress made by Coral’s Bridal are well constructed and have full boning in them, so you are wearing a corset in the gown itself. However, it is always a . . . → Read More: Bridal Undergarments

Choosing a Wedding Dress

What research should I do before shopping for my wedding gown?

It’s very helpful if you put some time into doing some research before you start shopping for your gown. Many pictures can be found in magazines of your favorite film star, online profession wedding dress websit like www.coralsbridal or just normal people in . . . → Read More: Choosing a Wedding Dress

How to how the quality of the wedding dress?

What does quality wedding gown beading look like?

Quality wedding gown beading is done typically by hand using beads, small sea pearls or Swarowski crystal, and it is different from lower quality built beading which may only be glued on and would be poor quality crystal. Coral’s Bridal usually using the crystals, man-made daimond, . . . → Read More: How to how the quality of the wedding dress?

How far in advance should I order the wedding dress?

How long before my wedding should I order my gown?

For safy, the optimum period for ordering a wedding gown should be between six and eight months. It is not unusual for brides to order their wedding gown a whole year before their actual wedding date. Coral’s Bridal recommend to order the wedding dress . . . → Read More: How far in advance should I order the wedding dress?

How’s the quality of the dresses?

Before placing an order, many customers are very concern about the quality of the wedding dresses we  made. Yes, we do nuderstanding how important the bridal gown is for a woman. so we never made the cheap quality dresses.  The dress you received  is definitely worth the money you’ve paid. The quality will be . . . → Read More: How’s the quality of the dresses?