Best Wedding Dates for 2011

No matter if your wedding is in Waikiki or Woy Woy, pick a date close to one for your sign (or your partner’s sign), listed below, and the heavenly bodies in your horoscope will ensure that you have a divine time. ARIES September 28 – You’ll not only be the stars of your own . . . → Read More: Best Wedding Dates for 2011

Money Saving Tips!

Looking for affordable (aka: cheap!) bridesmaid dresses? Try shopping for them during the holiday season – but not in expensive bridal salons. Department stores such Sears, for example, generally carry an excellent selection of glamourous cocktail and evening dresses as the season for parties approaches – but at cheaper prices than what you’d pay . . . → Read More: Money Saving Tips!

How to include a pet in your wedding

Pets are an intimate part of any family and it is not surprising that many people want them to be a part of important events, such as a wedding day. Here are some ideas of how to include your beloved pets in your wedding.

Before you make any sort of decision, check with . . . → Read More: How to include a pet in your wedding

Wedding Traditions and Trivia

Traditions and customs… weddings are filled with them. “Something old, something blue…” and all that stuff! It’s more than just trivia; Have you ever stopped to wonder what on earth all of these wedding traditions and rituals actually mean and where or how they originated?

Most of these rituals and traditions have endured the . . . → Read More: Wedding Traditions and Trivia

Idea of Wedding Color

Your wedding color choice is one of the first major decisions you need to make for your wedding. Keep in mind that your wedding color scheme is going to show up everywhere throughout your wedding.  The flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table linens, decorations, invitations, even the favors will all be influenced by the wedding color scheme . . . → Read More: Idea of Wedding Color