Ms. Balciul’s custom made black and white wedding gown

Black and white wedding gown, which photoed by Ms. Balciul’s dress.  We received an order  of wedding gown wd10332 from Ms. Balciul on July. She asked for to do some alteration on the dress, such as, change all the red part into black and whith a sweetheartline neckline and beaded bustier accented with embroidery . . . → Read More: Ms. Balciul’s custom made black and white wedding gown

Ms. COUANI’s prom dress


Beautiful, Righ? It photoed by Ms. Couani’s prom dress, which we’ve finished maufacturing last week.  In April this year, Ms Crosdale ask us to custom made a miley Cyrus’s dress. We made an ivory one for her.. In July this year, we received another email from Ms. COUANI’s, which want a dress for . . . → Read More: Ms. COUANI’s prom dress

Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Dress

The full white wedding dress is traditional, but not right for everyone. Here’s our guide to alternatives, so you can get the right look for your big day. Some advice on bridal dresses, accessories, and wedding couture to give you the perfect start to your marriage.

Step 1: Try a two piece

A . . . → Read More: Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Dress

First daugther’s wedding dress

 Jenne Bush’s wedding dress and Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding dress, which one do you like btter. They are 2 totally different style.


We knew that Jenna Bush worna Oscar de la Renta gown for her wedding to Henry Hager. It was fairly simple in terms of the cut — it was a curve-skimming v-neck gown . . . → Read More: First daugther’s wedding dress

Bridal Undergarments

Will I need a special bra for my wedding gown?

It is imperative that you wear the correct undergarments for your wedding gown. Most wedding dress made by Coral’s Bridal are well constructed and have full boning in them, so you are wearing a corset in the gown itself. However, it is always a . . . → Read More: Bridal Undergarments