Custom made from your design

“This is my wedding dress! I asked Coral’s Bridal to make it for me. They did a fantastic job and gave me exactly what I wanted. It is gorgeous and elegant. It is very similar to a very expensive designer dress that I could not afford. But this dress is almost an identical replica! . . . → Read More: Custom made from your design

History of the Wedding Dress in Britain

INTRODUCTIONThe wedding gown is the most important dresss for a woman. Along with baptism and burial, marriage is one of the three great public occasions in a person’s life, and the only one at which the principals can fully appreciate the glory of their central role. For the bride, more than the groom, it . . . → Read More: History of the Wedding Dress in Britain

Customer’s feedback from Australia


“I ordered this dress and I cannot praise Coral’s Bridal enough. The dress it phenomenal. Out of this world! The amount of beading and detail is incredible. Terrific craftsmanship, I will continue to recommend Coral to anyone who will listen. Anyone who buys a designer dress would have to be CRAZY. These guys . . . → Read More: Customer’s feedback from Australia

Find your wedding style

1.       Your favorite ice cream flavor:

A.     vanilla B.      pumpkinC.      espresso 

2.       e designer handbag you’d sell you soul for is a:A.     white leather Gucci clutch B.      Jimmy choo horse hobo C.      Stella McCartney vegan satchel  

3.       The Leonardo DiCaprio movie you . . . → Read More: Find your wedding style

How To Clean Your Wedding Gown

Cleaning your wedding dress before you store it is extremely important to reducing the chance of mould, insects, chemical damage, and abrasion. However the way you clean your dress is also very important to its long term care.


Washing textiles is a delicate and potentially harmful cleaning measure that should never be undertaken . . . → Read More: How To Clean Your Wedding Gown