10% discount off for 2011 NEW Year Sale!

Coral’s Bridal NEW YEAR SALE——10% discount off for all wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bride mother dresses and flower girl dresses.

Just used the coupon code: NEWYEAR2011.

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Coral's Bridal Girl——Michelle in wedding dress v9409

Coral’s Bridal girl, the real bride——michelle send us the photo of wedding day. She’s leisurely and gorgous. The wedding dress she brough from Coral’s Bridal was style V9409. Which is a chiffon bridal gown.

You will find the ruffles of split of this wedding dress at front is so flowly when michelle waking with her . . . → Read More: Coral’s Bridal Girl

To Veil or Not To Veil?

More and More girls now are not the fans of the vile, they become a untraditional-veil girls.  Many MS. bride-to-be are talk about the issu of viles on the BBS. Am I need a veil, or shold I try something different?

Sure, Just try the one you love best. Silk flowers, pure flowers, bridecage . . . → Read More: To Veil or Not To Veil?

Install a Bustle in a Wedding Gown

While no longer part of mainstream fashion, a bustle can be a necessary—and very fashionable—addition to a wedding gown. The bustle creates the loops, hooks or ribbons in the gown to allow the train to be pinned up during the reception.  A bustle is an elegant way to keep your wedding dress . . . → Read More: Install a Bustle in a Wedding Gown

DIY the wedding dress

Ms. Marinela contacted us for inquiring about a custom made dress. She want do some modifications on wedding dress AN431 We’ve ceated.


Here’re som main point on the alterations we’ve discussed:

 “I would like to use your dress AN431 and modify a few things. Please let me know if this can be done and what . . . → Read More: DIY the wedding dress