Inside Your Groom’s Mind

Wish you could read his mind? You don’t have to — here’s what he thinks about the wedding.


We’re not selling grooms short: There are a lot of guys who count “expressing my feelings” as a forte, and who are engaged in the drama of a seating chart. Communication is a cornerstone . . . → Read More: Inside Your Groom’s Mind

Wedding trends for 2011

The 2011 wedding trends include rustic-chic concepts, lots of details and a ton of creativity. Outdoor weddings are a big must as soon as the sun begins to shine (or not!) and indoor weddings are getting a little break. Discover the biggest wedding trends for 2011.

Pretty & Simple

After the . . . → Read More: Wedding trends for 2011

Get The Best Wedding Hairstyle for Your Big Day!

Find the best,the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for your big day!Get the latest new wedding hairstyles 2011. Every bride would cherish the chance to look stunning on her wedding day. It is every woman’s dream to wear wedding gowns.There are varieties of ideas to choose from when it comes to the wedding reception, dress, . . . → Read More: Get The Best Wedding Hairstyle for Your Big Day!

Best Wedding Dates for 2011

No matter if your wedding is in Waikiki or Woy Woy, pick a date close to one for your sign (or your partner’s sign), listed below, and the heavenly bodies in your horoscope will ensure that you have a divine time. ARIES September 28 – You’ll not only be the stars of your own . . . → Read More: Best Wedding Dates for 2011

Money Saving Tips!

Looking for affordable (aka: cheap!) bridesmaid dresses? Try shopping for them during the holiday season – but not in expensive bridal salons. Department stores such Sears, for example, generally carry an excellent selection of glamourous cocktail and evening dresses as the season for parties approaches – but at cheaper prices than what you’d pay . . . → Read More: Money Saving Tips!