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Custom Order



If you can't find the dress that you are favorite from our site, please don't hesitate to place the custom order from us.  Just 3 steps, we can make your dream wedding dress comes ture.

First, Please send the pictures with your speicial requirements or sketch to us:

Second, We will respond you with the confirmation and estimated quota within 24 hours.

Lastly, After few eamils, we make clear all details of the dress with your, we will create a listing on our websit for you, and then you can place an order online easily.


Click here to see some examples of recent custom made wedding dresses. When customers are interested in having a custom made wedding dress or a replica of a designer wedding dress made, one of the first and most obvious questions is 'how similar will the dress be to the original'.

We have sufficient belief in our manufacturing to suggest that when the original dress and the production version are viewed in like-for-like conditions, that is the same size of dress on the same model with the same lighting and backdrop, that the two will be almost indistinguishable. Unless there is something especially complicated or unusual in a design, we are usually confident that we can produce a faithful copy. If there is any aspect of a design that we feel we will not be able to recreate, we will advise.