Size Measurement

For questions about an order or for information about our products.

Please send your detailed measurements (in inches or cm) below to us so that we can start the making asap. Click thumbnail image to enlarge in a new window to see the images clearly.

Important Note:
We may discuss the style and other related information via email before, but in order to avoid any error of making Please provide all the information including the result of our dicussion in this form . We will make the dress upon the information from this form STRICTLY. We have tons of email to be processed everyday so that we are afraid that some information may be not collected for making. So it's VERYVERY IMPORTANT to provide your detailed requirements again here.

Please fill in all fields marked with a*
* around bust at fullest point
* around waist at smallest point. Leave the string in place while you do the rest of the measurements. You will need it for reference for some of the other measurements
* around hips at fullest point, taking note of how far down from the waist that you are measuring.
* Measure above your breasts in the same manner as you measured across them.
* Measure under your breasts in the same manner as you measured over them.
* Bust point to bust point. Okay, technically, nipple to nipple
* From the top of your shoulder down to bust point (nipple).
* Remember that point on your shoulder. Well use that again and measure from there OVER your bust straight down to the ribbon on your waist
From waist to floor WITH your shoes on
This measurement gives us the size of the sleeve hole that you are comfortable wearing. This measurement is entirely subjective and you can make it as deep or as tight as you are comfortable with
* Measure the shoulders by stretching the measuring tape across the back, from the very end of the left shoulder to the end of the right shoulder.
around neck loosely. You will not need this one unless your garment has a high neck and/or collar.
shoulder point to wrist arm ben
around arm at fullest part of upper arm
Measure from outer shoulder down to elbow
Measure from outer shoulder down to elbow
*   Start the tape at the hollow at the base of your neck and measure down to where you want the hem. If your skirt will be full, be sure to measure out at an angle to allow for the fullness.
*   Your height without the shoese.
  The height of the shoes you will wear on the wedding day.